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15ml Alleviave Essential Oil Blend - 1 bottle

Youngevity BellaVita Alleviave Essential Oil Blend

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This essential oil blend is composed of many of nature’s natural pain relievers. These oils help relieve inflammation, relax muscles, improve circulation and soothe the nervous system. Many of the oils are also beneficial for the respiratory system, to relieve congestion.

Lavender: Promotes the body’s regenerative abilities and calms the nervous system

Peppermint: Improves circulation and provides analgesic effect

Wintergreen: A combination of analgesic and relaxant

Eucalyptus: Analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Helps alleviate nerve pain.

Juniper Berry: Improves circulation, removes toxins and reduces swelling

Rosemary: Stimulates circulation, analgesic

Basil: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory

Cinnamon: Improves circulation, anti-inflammatory

Black Pepper: Anti-spasmodic, increases circulation, sedative

Clove: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory

Camphor: Stimulates circulatory system, detoxifier, analgesic

Arnica: Analgesic, promotes regeneration

Menthol Crystals: Supports respiratory system, analgesic

Galbanum: Antispasmodic and improves circulation

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